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Thanksgiving Break

Harmony School of Ingenuity would like to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Break begins on Monday, November 24th through Friday, November 28th. Classes will resume on Monday, December 1st. Tutorials will still be held on Saturday, November 22nd but will be cancelled on November 29th.

Ingenuity at UT

Harmony School of Ingenuity was mentioned on University of Texas at Austin's website. Last week, as counseling team, we have organized a college trip to UT-Austin. Our students, there, attended information session and also a campus-tour. After these, they have attended in a seminar provided by one of the UT-Austin Research Assistant Professor, by Dr. Yildirim. It was a quiet educative and informative session for our students. We wanted to share UT-Austin's news about this amazing program.
more info:

  • http://ctr.utexas.edu/2014/11/19/stem/

  • Saturday Detention and Saturday Tutorials

    Saturday Detention and Saturday Tutorials will be held on this Saturday November 22nd. There will be no detention or Saturday tutorials held on Saturday November 29. All other clubs and activities have also been suspended until the end of the winter break and will resume on Monday, December 1st.

    The Harmony community has grown exponentially! From the original 200 students at the Braeswood campus in 2000, we now boast an impressive 28,000 students in 43 campuses across Texas!

    The primary source of revenue for Harmony Public Schools comes from the daily-attendance-based State Fund offered to all public schools in Texas. However our campuses still need your support.

    Your generous donation read more

    4th Annual Public Servant Appreciation Breakfast at the HPS

    In observance of the city of Houstons observation of Citizenship Month, Harmony Public Schools (HPS) hosted its 4th Annual Public Servant Appreciation Breakfast at the HPS Central Office. Highlighting two of HPS core values -- high expectations and character matters the event honored one female and one male student from each of the 16 Houston-area HPS campuses for outstanding service to their community.

    As part of our high-quality, collaborative educational program, Harmony requires each of its graduates to complete 100 hours of volunteer time to instill in them a sense of responsibility to the community, said HPS Superintendent Zekeriya Yuksel. The result has been countless partnerships and collaborations between eager and big-hearted Harmony students and numerous philanthropic organizations that serve the greater Houston community. This event honors some of our students contributions to those organizations and reminds everyone that education is not confined to the classroom some of the best lessons are learned in service to others.

    Each student was honored with an award and a taped video interview highlighting the reasons why they were selected played during the breakfast. Two students, Farrah B. of Harmony School of Discovery and Miguel S. from Harmony School of Ingenuity, gave brief remarks on behalf of the honorees.

    The basics of good citizenship begin with us and our youth,said City of Houston, At-Large Position 1 Council Member Stephen Costello, who served as keynote speaker for the event. I am so proud of the 32 students we are honoring today.

    Other event highlights included readings of student essays and a student-created art and poetry exhibit centered on the theme of Where I'm From. Emmy-award winning reporter Christine Dobbyn from KTRK-TV Channel 13 provided emcee duties.

    UT Austin College Trip

    Harmony School of Ingenuity visited UT-Austin on November 13th. It was a very exciting and educative trip. Students increased their knowledge about how to apply for UT-Austin, and what to do during application process. Students also participated into a seminar provided by Dr. Yildirim, Research Assistant Profesor at UT-Austin. We appreciate our students for participating into this event and hope to see them in our next college trip.

    Parent Science Night

    Harmony School of Ingenuity PTO is hosting Family Science Night at our campus.Parents and students will be enjoying Science Competitions

    December 11th 6:30pm-7:30pm

    Middle School : Baloon Race Car
    High School : Egg Drop Competition

    AP Parent Night

    We would like to thank all of the parents and students who attended Ingenuity's First Annual AP Parent Night! We had a great turnout and are so appreciative of all the supporting parents in the Ingenuity family! We hope that this event helped our students, parents, and staff understand how the AP Program can help our students build a successful future for themselves. Please feel free to contact your child's AP teacher with any questions you may have, as we get closer to the testing dates in May.

    Lady Tiger Volleyball

    Harmony School of Ingenuity would like to thank everyone who played a part in making this years volleyball season a success. We would also like to congratulate the high school girls on making it back to Regionals for the 3rd year in a row.

    Tiger Volleyball

    Harmony School of Ingenuity would like to congratulate the middle school girls volleyball team for making it to the semi-finals at regionals! We would also like to thank all of the parents, supporters, and coaches who helped to insure that our season was a success.

    Leaving Campus

    Attention Parents

    It has come to the attention of the school administration and staff that some students have been leaving campus before and after school. We want to inform all parents that any students seen leaving campus without being picked up by a parent (unless a walker), will be assigned consequences. We also want all parents to be aware that if a student leaves campus without permission, the school is no longer liable. Please partner with the Ingenuity staff and speak with your child(ren) about the importance of being in designated locations at all times. Thank you for your cooperation and help!
    Also, please make sure that you are bringing your child(ren) to school on time. Your child will get a consequence after 5 late to school tardies. See the handbook for more details.

    Ingenuity Staff

    Book Fair

    We are pleased to announce that our fall Scholastic Book Fair is coming soon to our school! The Book Fair will begin this Saturday November 1st and will run all through next week. Our Book-Fair is an important fundraiser and educational event for our students and our school so don't hesitate in visiting us next week when it begins, all parents ,grandparents and your family members are welcomed
    to the book fair therefore make sure you stop by, we'd love to see you there!

    AP Parent Night

    Attention Parents of 8th-12th Grade Students:

    You are invited to attend Harmony School of Ingenuity's 1st Annual AP Parent Night on Wednesday, November 12th from 4:30 pm-6:00 pm in the cafeteria!
    The purpose of this event is to inform parents, students, and staff of the benefits of the Advanced Placement Program at Ingenuity. We will have three presenters speak about the AP Program and allow students and parents to ask questions about the program, as well as mingle with the AP teachers while enjoying pizza!
    All 8th-12th grade students and their parents are invited to attend! Free dress passes will be awarded to students who attend with their parents. If you have any questions, please contact Ms.Rives.

    We hope to see you there!

    Houston Rockets Food Drive

    Dear Harmony Family,

    We have participated in this year's Rockets' Food For Families Food Drive! We are among 10 schools entered in the contest. We already have a great reputation for this food drive. The 1st year, we won 1st place and got Jeremy Lin to come to our school. The 2nd year, we placed 2nd and had Dwight Howard come out.

    We tried to kept winning tradition alive and break bigger records. This is a great way to get our school involved with helping the community and people in need.

    The drive was held in between Wednesday, October 15th-Wednesday, October 22nd. All teachers, staff, students and family members are encouraged to bring non-perishable items to donate.

    Special Thanks to you ALL!!!,

    Teachers and Staff for participating in this year's Rockets Food Drive. Our team and students really stepped it up to help those in need. Here are our class winner(s):

    1st place Homeroom: 12A-. Total items donated: 521
    2nd Place Homeroom: 9A- Total items donated: 404
    Group: Basketball- Team. Total items donated: 526

    Also, thank you to all the teachers and administrators who personally donated items.

    Student Field Trip - U.N. Spokesperson at UHD

    HS Ingenuity had a very exciting opportunity for our AP Government students. UHD has invited HPS to send some students to hear Mr. Stephane Dujarric speak at UHD today as a part of the UN Day events they are hosting. Mr. Dujarric is the official spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General.

    Prior to going to the event AP Government students received an assignment and some basic information regarding the United Nations and a few global issues prior to attending this event.


    Cooking club meets every Tuesday after school in the cafeteria. Cooking club made a delicious Tabbouleh Salad last week. The students had fun working hands on with the recipe with the help of Ms. Tunc. If you ever feel hungry for an exquisite appetizing Tabbouleh Salad make sure to ask one of the cooking club members for they can make a very delectable Tabbouleh Salad!

    Cooking club members have also made Pastry with cheese, Pasta salad and, famous Baklava so far.

    Harmony School of Ingenuity is Drug Free School

    Dear Harmony Parents,

    Thursday , October 9th in cooperation with the private K9 Unit company , Harmony School of Ingenuity conducted a search of lockers and hallways. These random searches help contribute to ensuring that HS Ingenuity remains a safe, drug-free place for all our students to learn and grow. HS Ingenuity thanks parents and students for their support of our efforts toward campus safety.

    HS Ingenuity Administration and Faculty

    HS Ingenuity Paintball Time

    Harmony School of Ingenuity students went to paintball after Saturday School SAT study.

    Parent Spanish Courses First Day : Tuesday 6:00-8:00 Pm

    Class type: English Class for Parents
    Just for this week Tuesday 6:00- 8:00 pm and then will be
    Every Tuesday and Friday 4:00-6:00 Pm

    Aplicacion tiene que ser entregada lo mas pronto posible para tener un estimado del numero de padres que estaran atendiendo estas clases.
    Este ano la escuala Harmony School of Ingenuity estara ofreciendo clases de Ingles para todos los padres que esten interesados. El costo de estas clases seran de $20 dolares por semestre. Las clases tomaran seccion los Martes y Viernes de 4-6 pm. Recuerde que solo son $20 dolares por semestre! Un precio que no encontrara en otro lugar, asi que no lo piense y venga aprender ingles!
    Nombre Completo:_____________________
    Informacion de contacto:___________________ Numero de Casa:____________________
    Mejor numero para contactarlo-_________________________
    Dia de submision de aplicacion:_______________________
    Gracias y lo esperamos ver el proximo Martes a las 6pm!

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    Harmony School of Ingenuity is serving our community

    Back To School Picnic

    Harmony School of Ingenuity would like to thank the parents, students and its staff members for making our 2014-2015 school picnic a success. We would also like to thank all of the participants in the ALS ice bucket challenge and everyone who donated towards this cause. Please click the link below to see pictures from this event. read more . . .

    Things to Know!

    Things to Know!
    - All detentions will be served on Saturdays, from 1:00 pm- 4:00 pm. There will be no late pick ups.
    - Free Dress Fundraiser will take place on Wednesdays. Students may still wear their spirit/PTO shirt on Fridays with jeans that follow our handbook requirements.

    -Loitering (Taken directly from the 2014-2015 handbook)
    Students are not allowed to remain on campus unsupervised after designated dismissal times. The school will not have adult supervision after school hours. A student who remains on campus unsupervised after dismissal time may be subject to state criminal trespass laws.
    Disciplinary consequences for remaining on campus unsupervised after designated dismissal times within a school year are as follows:
    # of Times Unsupervised after Dismissal Time
    Warning notice sent to parent informing of loitering policy and possible consequences for continued loitering
    Meeting with parents
    Student assigned to Saturday detention; school contacts CPS
    Student assigned to one day in-school-suspension
    Student assigned to one day out-of-school suspension
    15 and above
    Student assigned up to three days out-of-school suspension; school contacts
    Additionally, students who have not been picked up after their designated dismissal time may be placed in the School's after school program. Parents of these students will be responsible for all fees incurred as a result of such placement.

    Dismissal Late Pickup (Loitering) Policy

    Consequences will apply after 4:15 pm. Students may also be placed in our campus after-school care program and parents will be responsible for program fee. For more details in regards to late pick up please see Student Handbook pg. 14.

    Ingenuity Clubs

    The Deadline for signing up for Ingenuity Clubs is Friday, September 5, 2014. Clubs are a great way for student to express their individuality as well as get to know other students and teachers. All students are encouraged to join a club by the deadline. If you are considering joining a club please read more . . .

    Ingenuity Report Card

    Texas Education Agency has recently announced the Accountability Ratings for Texas Public Schools and Districts. We are happy to announce that Harmony School of Ingenuity has received 3 distinctions for 2013-2014 academic year. We would like to thank all of our students, teachers and parents for this great success! read more . . .

    School Jackets

    The chilly Fall and Winter weather will soon be arriving! Keep your kids warm and in style during dismissal! School Jackets are on sale now and available at the front office for $25. Get them quick before sizes run out!

    *Jackets may not be worn in the classrooms. Jackets may be worn before/after school and on field trips.

    PLTW Certification

    Harmony School of Ingenuity announced today that it has received national certification for its Project Lead The Way (PLTW) program. PLTW, a nonprofit organization and the nation's leading provider of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education programs, offers a rigorous world-class curriculum that allows students to apply what they are learning in math and science class to real-life biomedical science activities, projects and problems. PLTW also prides itself on high-quality professional development of its teachers and an engaged network of business, community and university partners to give students the fullest experience.

    Congratulations, Ingenuity!

    Local Wellness Policy

    Please take a moment to review Harmony School of Ingenuit's Local Wellness Policy attached. read more . . .

    Student Handbook

    Please take a moment to review the student handbook for the new 2014-2015 academic school year. read more . . .


    Attached is our newly updated calendar for the 2014-2015. read more . . .

    Dismissal Plan

    Please review the dismissal plan and parking procedures for the upcoming school year. Please be mindful of all traffic signs and school rules when in the parking lot. read more . . .



     November 24, Monday
    Thankgiving (no classes)
     November 25, Tuesday
    Thankgiving (no classes)
     November 26, Wednesday
    Thankgiving (no classes)
     November 27, Thursday
    Thankgiving (no classes)
     November 28, Friday
    Thankgiving (no classes)

    Suggestion Box

    Harmony School of Ingenuity
    It is the policy of HPS not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, or disability in its programs, services, or activities as required by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972; and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended. For inquiries regarding non-discrimination policies, please contact Section 504/ADA Coordinator at 713 343 3333 located at 9321 W. Sam Houston Pkwy S. Houston, TX 77099.